How to get involved

Communities involved with their local county fairs, have a unique opportunity to provide support, education, and help shape the future generations to be well versed in skills, etiquette and ready to step into the real world!

County fairs provide economic and social stimulus to their communities, and the youth involved help make it happen. There are many ways to become a supporter, including sponsoring awards, mentoring youth and participating in the yearly Livestock Auction.

Each of these support routes helps provide experiences for students that otherwise, may not be possible.

Thank you, for taking part in supporting our youth.

Tax Write Off

The CCJLA is a 501(C)3 organization which means proxy donations or a portion of auction purchases, are tax deductible.

proxy donation is a monetary donation to a specific student in the fair, which helps raise their floor price of their animal in the auction, ensuring their success. To complete a Proxy form and support a student, click here.

A portion of auction purchases are also tax deductible. In a standard auction situation, there would be a standard “floor price” for the purchase of an animal. The tax deductible portion of your purchase is the difference you pay between the floor price, and your purchase price. Floor prices will be set Wednesday prior to the auction and will be printed in the sale catalogs.


For every species, in the FFA and 4H Divisions, Champion and Reserve Champion livestock are chose, based on market standards and overall quality of the animal. These animals will be the first of their species to sell, and buyers have the opportunity to get in the ring with these champions, get their photo taken, which will then be featured on our website, news letters, or can be printed onto buyer cards which can then be displayed and used as unique advertising opportunities for your local business!

The CCJLA Committee, youth, and community would like to say again THANK YOU, for making dreams come true and supporting the future of our communities.