Scholarships and Awards

With projects sometimes ranging upwards of thousands of dollars, some local families have taken the opportunity to memorialize their loved ones, who loved the fair and livestock industry, and give back to the students who made their passion possible.

The FFA and 4H communities encourage local youth to be involved in leadership development activities, such as the most popular, of raising poultry and livestock to show, breed and/or sell at the county fair here in Clackamas County. Projects can include crops, floral arrangements, poultry, rabbits, cavies, pigs, sheep, cattle and more. With a variety of factors to influence these projects, such as feed costs, animal costs, health care, living arrangements, and general management, youth is able to develop entrepreneurial skills, record keeping, money management, communication and many more talents to help ensure their future success. Projects can range from $100 to upwards of $2,000, and many students crave these opportunities and need the support of their communities to make it happen.

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With students of all backgrounds, urban and rural, middle and lower class, farm and no farm, support in the forms of scholarships can be a great way to provide a student with an opportunity to start their first project, or grow and expand their current project. To take part in this unique experience, sponsor a scholarship, award or project, contact us here!